Welcome to Gems of Wisdom!

Welcome to the Hidden Gem website and the first-ever “Gems of Wisdom” blog! My name is Amy and I’m the co-owner and designer for Hidden Gem Home Staging & Design and I’m thrilled you’re here!

My goal with this blog is to provide helpful tips, tricks and other “gems of wisdom” from the Home Staging and Design world. I’ll also throw in some market updates, trends and insights into the housing industry. And a worthwhile blog wouldn’t be complete without chronicling the transformation of a good ol’ fashioned home makeover (or twenty!) – and we bought the perfect house just for that!

But before we get into all those little gems, I thought I would tell you a little bit about us. There’s actually two of us behind Hidden Gem – myself and my partner-in-life and now business, Mike. Together, we bring years of design (me) and DIY (Mike) to our little lovechild. We make an awesome team with the right balance of form and function and a whole lot of fun thrown in! Hidden Gem is definitely a family business and we couldn’t do it without each other – he keeps me from going off the rails and I push his boundaries (and, probably, his buttons). We also have two amazing teenage boys and a new puppy named Bruce LeRoy to keep us busy in our “down” time.

With each post, you’ll likely be getting a bit of insight from both of us even though I’ll be doing the writing. We would love to answer your questions, read your comments and help you in anyway we can, so please feel free to reach out below, via chat or through our contact page (or even by pigeon!). We can’t wait to tell you our story and be a part of yours!

See you soon for our next Gem of Wisdom!