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Specializing in Occupied Home Staging, Hidden Gem will help you optimize your space to increase your home’s value while decreasing your days on market, meaning more money for you, quicker! By primarily using what you already own to it’s highest potential, Hidden Gem will uncover your home’s worth while you rake in the rewards!

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Hidden Gem will make the process of creating a cohesive, well-planned, beautiful space painless by working with you virtually to create the space that you are dreaming of. With options to do it yourself or to take advantage of personalized help throughout the process, there’s a package perfect for you – all while being socially distant and COVID smart!

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With increased time at home, you may have noticed that your space isn’t all that comfortable or doesn’t work for your changing needs or that you just don’t like the vibe anymore —Hidden Gem can help! We’ll spend time with you determining your style, what you like (and don’t!) and will create the space you are dreaming of!

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