Designing for Maximum Enjoyment

With years of home previews as a Realtor, it became abundantly clear that there are loads of amazing properties out there —if only you could see their potential!  It might be too many knick-knacks, the wrong colors or misuse of the space, but most homes aren’t sitting market-ready and, sadly, they’re missing out on capitalizing on their property’s potential.  Pair that knowledge with requests from friends and family to help them design their spaces and an exciting opportunity was born!

My name is Amy and I’ve made it my life’s purpose to help you bring magic to your home!  Through Hidden Gem Home Staging & Design, I take my life-long love of interior design, couple it with hard-earned industry knowledge from being a Realtor, my experience flipping homes and a natural eye for incredible interiors to create the spaces that you’ve been dreaming of –  whether you are looking to love it or list it!

I’m a country girl from Wyoming originally.  I moved to the Vegas Valley to pursue my degree in Hospitality from UNLV and ended up working in the service industry and Human Resources for nearly twenty years.  I’m a practicing Realtor with the incredible Junge Group (brokered by eXP Realty).  I’m also a busy mom to two amazing teenage boys, dog mom to a puppy named Bruce, ecstatically engaged to the man of my dreams, a wannabe gym rat, a certified Staging Design Professional and a dancing queen.  Let’s grab a cup of coffee and let the magic begin!

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