Level Up Your Living

“I help busy, overwhelmed women who are frustrated with their home because it doesn’t support the lifestyle they are working so hard to create. By taking them through my “Level Up Your Living” Design Process, they get to enjoy living in a beautiful, functional home they can be proud of!” ~ Amy


Specializing in Occupied Home Staging, Hidden Gem will help you optimize your space to increase your home’s value while decreasing your days on market, meaning more money for you, quicker! By primarily using what you already own to it’s highest potential, Hidden Gem will uncover your home’s worth while you rake in the rewards!

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With increased time at home, you may have noticed that your space isn’t all that comfortable or doesn’t work for your changing needs or that you just don’t like the vibe anymore ---Hidden Gem can help! We’ll spend time with you determining your style, what you like (and don’t!) and will create the space you are dreaming of!

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Hidden Gem will make the process of creating a cohesive, well-planned, beautiful space painless by working with you virtually to create the framework for the space that you are dreaming of. With options to do it yourself or to take advantage of personalized help throughout the process, there’s a package perfect for you - all while being socially distant and COVID smart!

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Interior Expertise

Years of home previews with buyers as a Realtor has confirmed what sells and what doesn't. Couple that with training and a natural talent for all things home and that's where the magic begins...

Top-Notch Service

With a degree in Hospitality Administration and over 15 years in the service industry, the service we provide is thoughtful, helpful and timely. Just what you need!

Affordable Pricing Options

We believe design should be accessible for everyone - so we've made it possible. There's an option for everyone, regardless of your budget.

Access to Your Designer

With our packages, you will have the ability to communicate directly with your designer via chat, text, zoom or a good ol' fashioned phone call - no more wondering where to hang your art or how far away your sofa should be from your other furniture!

Virtual Options

It may not always be possible for us to meet in person, but that's okay - we can help you virtually with minimal to zero-contact options!

Guaranteed Work

If you're not happy, we're not happy! We stand by our work and will work with you to make it right and ensure that you are a happy customer.

Home Staging or Design

Whether you are preparing to love it or list it, Hidden Gem has your home dreams covered!  We whole-heartedly believe that your space should bring you happiness —whether in the dollars it generates or the vibe it’s giving you and we want to make it happen for you right now!   We make design accessible to everyone and can help you enjoy the space you’re in with packages for home staging, residential design and e-design.  Let us help you uncover your home’s potential!

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